Everything we do is centered around adding value to client operations. Which is why we offer custom services in addition to the Statehill legislative management platform.

What services do we offer?

Platform Setup and Education

We recognize activating organization wide change can take some time, not to mention the experience with legislative affairs differs from state to state. Because of this we offer personalized platform setup and education services to help train staff, demonstrate best practices, and ensure you are utilizing the full potential of Statehill.

Managed Tracking Services

In many instances a comprehensive, independently managed tracking solution may not be required. In other instances you may simply have too much work to bother with tracking what is necessary to do your work. Whatever the reason, we offer complete managed tracking services—from tracking and monitoring individual bills or subjects around the United States, to handling your daily bill tracking activities, we can create a tailored arrangement to for your tracking needs.

Custom Data Solutions

In addition to the data analysis offered within the platform, we offer multiple solutions utilizing our collected legislative data from all 50 states, open public data, and your internal data. Our custom data solutions include legislative policy analysis, state to state policy analysis and comparison, legislative scorecards, bill activity reporting, as well as specialized analysis and reporting.