As the 65th Montana Legislature has reached the midterm break, we’ve compiled a selection of relevant stats and information from data collected the past 45 days in session. All information presented originates on the Montana Legislature website, LAWS, and the Commissioner of Political Practices website, and is complemented with our own data analysis. For any questions or comments regarding Statehill data insights, email us at


2614 +170Requested
989 -63Introduced


61 -24Signed


592 Bills introduced
684 Votes taken
49.15% Introduced passed
0.84% Introduced failed


397 Bills introduced
612 Votes taken
55.91% Introduced passed
0% Introduced failed


$2.77M Spent
382 Registered lobbyists
393 Registered principals
1356 Bills lobbied


Chamber/districtNameVote attendance*Votes with party**
House 1Steve Gunderson R95.90%88.45%
House 2Mike Cuffe R99.61%84.48%
House 3Zac Perry D100.00%95.07%
House 4Matt Regier R99.64%88.37%
House 5Dave Fern D99.81%94.82%
House 6Carl Glimm R100.00%85.24%
House 7Frank Garner R100.00%85.69%
House 8Steve Lavin R93.67%80.81%
House 9Randy Brodehl R100.00%81.69%
House 10Mark Noland R98.11%87.33%
House 11Derek Skees R100.00%82.58%
House 12Greg Hertz R99.81%88.91%
House 13Bob Brown R99.82%81.80%
House 14Denley Loge R100.00%91.08%
House 15George Kipp Iii D95.81%88.95%
House 16Susan Webber D96.80%92.67%
House 17Ross Fitzgerald R99.07%88.27%
House 18Rob Cook R99.80%84.71%
House 19Wendy Mckamey R100.00%89.31%
House 20Fred Anderson R99.81%89.18%
House 21Tom Jacobson D100.00%92.11%
House 22Lola Sheldon-galloway R97.82%88.00%
House 23Bradley Maxon Hamlett D100.00%89.57%
House 24Jean Price D98.32%93.46%
House 25Jeremy Trebas R100.00%89.33%
House 26Casey Schreiner D100.00%94.10%
House 27James O'hara R100.00%92.31%
House 28Jacob Bachmeier D99.81%96.25%
House 29Dan Bartel R100.00%88.19%
House 30Wylie Galt R100.00%89.73%
House 31Bridget Smith D100.00%93.33%
House 32Jonathan Windy Boy D93.32%83.86%
House 33Casey Knudsen R100.00%89.25%
House 34Austin Knudsen R95.18%88.05%
House 35Scott Staffanson R98.31%85.18%
House 36Alan Doane R99.82%86.72%
House 37Bill Harris R99.82%87.97%
House 38Kenneth Holmlund R99.80%90.55%
House 39Geraldine Custer R100.00%85.80%
House 40Barry Usher R99.46%85.59%
House 41Rae Peppers D99.41%92.72%
House 42Sharon Stewart-peregoy D100.00%93.30%
House 43Peggy Webb R99.81%92.68%
House 44Dale Mortensen R99.64%85.90%
House 45Daniel Zolnikov R99.62%84.77%
House 46Donald Jones R99.41%87.01%
House 47Kathy Kelker D99.82%95.33%
House 48Jessica Karjala D100.00%95.54%
House 49Kelly Mccarthy D98.43%93.11%
House 50Virginia Court D100.00%94.77%
House 51Adam Rosendale R100.00%79.81%
House 52Jimmy Patelis R94.49%84.06%
House 53Dennis Lenz R99.82%89.28%
House 54Jeff Essmann R91.63%79.77%
House 55Vince Ricci R99.45%90.63%
House 56Sue Vinton R99.81%89.96%
House 57Forrest Mandeville R100.00%89.07%
House 58Seth Berglee R100.00%89.11%
House 59Alan Redfield R100.00%86.92%
House 60Laurie Bishop D100.00%95.60%
House 61Jim Hamilton D100.00%94.85%
House 62Tom Woods D100.00%95.69%
House 63Zach Brown D99.24%92.99%
House 64Kerry White R100.00%84.09%
House 65Jon Knokey R97.83%85.83%
House 66Denise Hayman D100.00%92.99%
House 67Tom Burnett R98.82%80.31%
House 68Bruce Grubbs R99.81%88.01%
House 69Walt Sales R100.00%87.41%
House 70Kelly Flynn R99.62%87.50%
House 71Ray Shaw R98.88%86.17%
House 72Tom Welch R99.25%89.10%
House 73Jim Keane D100.00%93.31%
House 74Amanda Curtis D97.94%92.88%
House 75Kirk Wagoner R100.00%87.96%
House 76Ryan Lynch D100.00%94.09%
House 77Kathy Swanson D95.86%92.66%
House 78Gordon Pierson D98.90%92.83%
House 79Jenny Eck D98.86%93.94%
House 80Becky Beard R100.00%88.53%
House 81Janet Ellis D100.00%95.08%
House 82Moffie Funk D100.00%96.27%
House 83Kim Abbott D100.00%94.10%
House 84Mary Ann Dunwell D98.68%92.25%
House 85Theresa Manzella R99.82%86.21%
House 86Ron Ehli R99.80%92.61%
House 87Nancy Ballance R100.00%89.57%
House 88Edward Greef R98.12%88.14%
House 89Nate Mcconnell D100.00%95.17%
House 90Ellie Hill Smith D96.34%89.56%
House 91Bryce Bennett D100.00%93.83%
House 92Mike Hopkins R100.00%81.89%
House 93John L Fleming D100.00%96.83%
House 94Kimberly Dudik D99.41%93.92%
House 95Shane Morigeau D99.63%94.40%
House 96Adam Hertz R99.81%90.54%
House 97Brad Tschida R99.61%87.65%
House 98Willis Curdy D100.00%96.10%
House 99Marilyn Ryan D99.80%94.69%
House 100Andrea Olsen D99.62%91.37%
Senate 1Chas V Vincent R100.00%89.63%
Senate 2Dee L Brown R100.00%88.29%
Senate 3Keith Regier R100.00%92.15%
Senate 4Mark Blasdel R100.00%91.11%
Senate 5Bob Keenan R100.00%89.42%
Senate 6Albert Olszewski R100.00%87.75%
Senate 7Jennifer Fielder R88.71%79.49%
Senate 8Lea Whitford D94.65%91.48%
Senate 9Llew Jones R99.49%92.35%
Senate 10Steve Fitzpatrick R95.07%86.62%
Senate 11Edward Buttrey R94.86%86.68%
Senate 12Cydnie ( Carlie ) Boland D100.00%98.87%
Senate 12Mary Moe D96.27%90.68%
Senate 13Brian Hoven R100.00%91.60%
Senate 14Russel Tempel R100.00%92.27%
Senate 15Ryan Osmundson R98.55%90.82%
Senate 16Frank J Smith D100.00%93.29%
Senate 17Mike Lang R99.75%93.43%
Senate 18Steve Hinebauch R100.00%85.35%
Senate 19Frederick ( Eric ) Moore R99.25%91.50%
Senate 20Duane Ankney R99.75%93.73%
Senate 21Jason Small R94.25%88.28%
Senate 22Doug Kary R100.00%93.30%
Senate 23Roger Webb R100.00%89.30%
Senate 24Mary Mcnally D98.75%92.98%
Senate 25Jen Gross D95.18%91.51%
Senate 26Margaret ( Margie ) Macdonald D100.00%96.80%
Senate 27Cary L Smith R99.50%84.92%
Senate 28Tom Richmond R100.00%94.85%
Senate 29David Howard R94.44%83.59%
Senate 30Nels Swandal R92.53%85.27%
Senate 31Mike Phillips D80.25%74.18%
Senate 32Jedediah Hinkle R100.00%89.86%
Senate 33Jp Pomnichowski D100.00%94.76%
Senate 34Gordon Vance R100.00%85.14%
Senate 35Scott Sales R97.02%83.49%
Senate 36Jeffrey Welborn R99.49%90.84%
Senate 37Jon Sesso D98.70%94.30%
Senate 38Edie Mcclafferty D96.08%91.91%
Senate 39Gene Vuckovich D97.69%90.30%
Senate 40Terry Gauthier R100.00%92.88%
Senate 41Mary Caferro D99.75%91.46%
Senate 42Jill Cohenour D100.00%94.78%
Senate 43Pat Connell R100.00%93.75%
Senate 44Fred Thomas R97.16%93.02%
Senate 45Dick Barrett D100.00%95.61%
Senate 46Sue Malek D99.77%94.15%
Senate 47Daniel Salomon R100.00%92.15%
Senate 48Cynthia Wolken D96.69%91.09%
Senate 49Diane Sands D100.00%94.53%
Senate 50Tom Facey D100.00%93.75%

* % of votes where the legislator was not absent or excused
** % of votes where the legislator voted the same way as his/her party