The Parliament of the United Kingdom is the supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom. The UK Parliament is a bicameral legislature, consisting of an upper chamber, known as the House of Lords, and a lower chamber, the House of Commons. The UK Parliament meets for a five year fixed term in the City of Westminster (London) at the Palace of Westminster, typically broken into five parliamentary years, or sessions. While there is no fixed length for a session, a session will generally follow the same pattern from spring to spring, with a number of intermittent recess periods. Furthermore, actual session dates can vary between the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The upper chamber, the House of Lords, currently consists of 799 peers. All members of the House of Lords are appointed, drawing from the peerage and made up of the Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal. The Lords Spiritual consists of 26 bishops in the established Church of England. The Lords Temporal consist of a majority of life peers appointed by the monarch, or on the advice of the House of Lords Appointments Commission. The Lords Temporal is made up of 13 political groups. The governing Conservative Party holds 252 seats, with the confidence and supply Democratic Unionist Party holding three seats. The opposition, Labour Party maintains 199 seats, while the Crossbenchers hold 181 seats. Other groups include the Liberal Democrats with 100 seats, non affiliated peers with 29 seats, the UK Independence Party with 3 seats, Independent Labor with 2 seats, Ulster Unionist Party with two seats, the Green Party with 1 seat, Independent Social Democrat with 1 seat, Independent Ulster Unionist with 1 seat, and Plaid Cymru with 1 seat.

In the lower chamber, the House of Commons, 650 Members of Parliament (MP), represent single member constituencies by first-past-the-post election until the parliament dissolves. The governing Conservative Party (plus one Independent) currently hold 317 seats, with the confidence and supply Democratic Unionist Party holding 10 seats. The opposition, Labour Party (plus one Independent) currently maintain 262 seats. Other opposition includes the Scottish National Party with 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats with 12 seats, Sinn FĂ©in holding 7 seats, Plaid Cymru with 4 seats, the Green Party with 1 seat, and an additional Independent holding 1 seat.

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