Across State Lines

Many states, one interface

We’re focused on user-friendly, clean and well intentioned design. Our goal is to make working with legislatures across state lines seamless and secure to optimize your work flow.

Automated Bill Tracking

Organize and prioritize what matters most

Our simple, intuitive bill tracking interface enables you to support, oppose, or track any bill with one click—we’ll do the rest, updating bill actions as they occur and informing you.

Organized Action History

Navigating bill happenings

Visual content is important—visual information is much easier to understand and retain. With our well organized visuals you can quickly extract where a bill stands at a glance, all contained within the same view.

Complete Voting Information

Vote access when you need it

Our sophisticated scraping programmatically extracts everything from committee votes, to floor and voice votes with minimal latency, organizing them in uncomplicated data visualizations, to help you distinguish voting coalitions and patterns.

Team Collaboration

Join the conversation

Building tools that enable effective communication is at the core of our mission. Our internal messaging tools allow you to easily share thoughts and strategy within your team, all in the same place, helping you stay in sync and on message.

Scheduling & Calendar Sync

Right time, right place

Information changes frequently. Use Statehill to stay current on essential committee hearings, votes, and other bill activities as they happen. Sync your schedule to your phone or table and you’ll never miss a committee hearing or bill action again.