Evaluating Legislator Performance

Highlighting your priorities

We believe frequent scorecard distribution on key legislation helps prevent advocacy bottlenecks as they occur, not after it’s too late. Our scoring tools help instantly create weighted scorecards so you can gauge legislator alignment across important issues.

Ray Shaw10/1010/1010/1030/30100%
Alan Redfield10/100/1010/1020/3066.7%
Art Wittich0/100/1010/1010/3033.3%

Mapping Results

Data from your perspective

Viewing outcomes in tables is nice, but overall results color coordinated on a map paint an easily identifiable story, district by district. By displaying scoring data geographically you can distinguish relationships and patterns, political coalitions, or any outliers that may be present, all in the context of your support or opposition on specific legislation.

Activity Reporting & Engagement

A consistent flow of information

Actively reporting ongoing legislative activities amongst your team, to your clients, or stakeholders enables a consistent flow of information. Removing the manual processes typically associated with report generation encourages more information sharing, and ultimately more involvement from all parties.