Collecting & Organizing Information

Making sense of the unstructured

It starts with collecting and organizing legislative information. We programmatically read legislative websites utilizing a process called scraping. Through scraping we extract all relevant information concerning bills, committees, votes, legislators, and more. We clean the data, structure it, apply insights, and present it to you in an understandable and actionable format.

Data & Analytics

Understanding and connecting information at a glance

Technology in politics enables a more connected, informed, and engaged level of discourse. Utilizing legislative data and analysis as data is collected, and converting this legislative data into actionable intelligence further facilitates your ability to advocate effectively.

Legislative Reporting

Wherever you are, stay informed and up to date

Engaging with your team, members, or stakeholders as often as possible is one of the best ways to ensure your work is creating an impact. Our suite of reporting tools makes it easy to communicate essential legislative progress and happenings to everyone involved—more information, more information sharing, more knowledge.