Collecting & Organizing Information

Making sense of the unstructured

It starts with collecting and organizing legislative information. We programmatically read legislative websites utilizing a process called scraping. Through scraping we extract all relevant information concerning bills, committees, votes, legislators, and more. We clean the data, structure it, apply insights, and present it to you in an understandable and actionable format.

State Tracking

A complete legislative tracking solution

Through creating unique state legislative scrapers we assemble high quality, robust data sets across state lines, expanding the capabilities of legislative professionals, government affairs teams, legislators, businesses, and individuals to interact with state government in a modern and productive way.

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A nationwide legislative tracking solution

Applying the same principles of high quality data collection and organization at the United States Congressional level, we’re enabling a seamless transition between state and federal legislative issues, empowering legislative professionals, government affairs teams, legislators, businesses, and individuals to interact with both state and federal government in a modern and productive way.

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European Union

A comprehensive legislative solution for global interests

Our geographic footprint is continuing to expand and builds upon our vision of connecting legislative information around the world. The addition of European Parliament data provides users with the ability to seamlessly search, monitor, and interact with legislation on a much bigger scale, all within the same place, all while maintaining our commitment to high quality data and productivity.

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United Kingdom Beta

Thinking globally, acting locally

In line with our mission to connect legislative data, the addition of the Parliament of the United Kingdom allows users to seamlessly access pending and passed legislation in a new way, connecting back to impacting legislation across the European Parliament, so you can follow major developments (think Brexit) from both sides of the English Channel, all within the same platform, following a consistent format.

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Germany Beta

Streamlined and accessible information

Interacting with legislative information from EU member states has never been easier—our addition of the German Bundestag represents a significant step forward in making international legislative resources accessible. Effective translations, powerful search, and comprehensive monitoring make up a blueprint for modern advocacy without the constraints.

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Sweden Beta

A new way to work across borders

Our offering presents a new way to work and engage with legislative processes through automation, normalization, data, and access. With the addition of the Swedish Riksdag, users can laterally search and discover legislation from the point of introduction, to the local implementation all in the same place.

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Data & Analytics

Understanding and connecting information at a glance

Technology in politics enables a more connected, informed, and engaged level of discourse. Utilizing legislative data and analysis as data is collected, and converting this legislative data into actionable intelligence further facilitates your ability to advocate effectively.

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Legislative Reporting

Wherever you are, stay informed and up to date

Engaging with your team, members, or stakeholders as often as possible is one of the best ways to ensure your work is creating an impact. Our suite of reporting tools makes it easy to communicate essential legislative progress and happenings to everyone involved—more information, more information sharing, more knowledge.

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