What is Statehill?

At Statehill, we’re building tools to enable a more connected, transparent, and engaged legislative process for anyone with a vested interest in government outcomes. Through a single platform you can seamlessly search, monitor, track, report, and analyze legislation from around the world that impacts your business, organization, or cause. Our global footprint currently connects legislative information from all 50 states, Congress, and the European Union Parliament.

What legislatures does the Statehill platform include?

Our data base contains legislative information from all 50 states, Congress, and the European Union Parliament. We are continuously adding more legislatures from around the world.

What is a legislative management platform?

In contrast to an application, Statehill is a platform. We define a legislative management platform as a centralized, complete suite of tools and data necessary to execute your legislative work.

Who uses Statehill?

The Statehill legislative management platform is used by lobbyists, government affairs professionals, professional associations, large and small businesses, legislators, constituents, and anyone with a vested interest in legislative outcomes.

When was Statehill founded?

Statehill was founded in 2014, launching the first product in Montana during the 2015 Montana Legislature. Originally Statehill was named Billczar. In early 2016 we rebranded the company to better align with the completely rebuilt and redesigned legislative management platform.

What features does the Statehill platform include?

Our core features include bill tracking, topic and keyword monitoring, email notifications, legislator analytics, data visualizations, calendar synchronization, bill status/ activity reports, legislator scorecards, whip lists, and more.

Do certain features cost more money?

Nope! We include access to all features, for all users included on your plan.

How much does Statehill cost

Statehill utilizes a monthly, per seat subscription pricing model. The base price is $350 per month for one seat. Each additional seat costs $50/ month. For example, if you wish to have five users, the monthly cost is $350 for the first user, plus $200 for the additional four users. Paid seats can be adjusted to accomodate your specific needs, prorating usage as your team develops. The number of paid seats can be adjusted directly through your account settings, as well as automatically when inviting new users exceeding your existing plan. For larger clients over 20 total seats we provide custom enterprise level plans, tailored to your organization needs.

Why should I use Statehill?

We strive to develop a platform that is accessible, yet powerful—a borderless, seamless experience focused on extreme usability, thoughtful design, and simplifying complex data. We’re reworking the relationship between governments, influencers, and constituents, building tools to shape the future of legislative affairs to add value to our clients legislative operations.

This sounds nice, how can I sign up?

To sign up and get started simply click here!

I’m interested, but would like to try the service first, is this possible?

Yes! All registrations include a 10 day free trial, no credit card required, no strings attached! To sign up and get started with your free 10 day trial simply click here here.

I’ve signed up…now what?

Upon logging in for the first time you’ll be prompted to create a tracking list. Tracking lists are at the core of Statehill, and can be used to differentiate different tracked topics or client work. While your first list will be created when you initially login, you can always edit your list names and associated industry. To learn more about creating and editing lists, watch our video tutorial here. To view our more comprehensive guide to getting started, watch our video tutorial here.

How do I track bills?

To track legislation, navigate to the bills page located in the left hand menu. From this point you can adjust your filtering options to ensure your are viewing the correct data set. Basic filtering options include things like state, session, and chamber. Alternatively you can utilize text searching or filtering by broad and specific categories. Once you have your desired set of bills or topics, you can start tracking with a single click. Tracked indicates you only are monitoring or watching a bill, green (or thumbs up) indicates support, and red (or thumbs down) indicates opposition. Any tracked bills are automatically added into our tracked list. To learn more about tracking bills, watch our video tutorial here.

I’m only interested in one state, but see multiple states?

While Statehill includes access to all states were our services are available, often users are only interested in a specific state. If this sounds like you, and you’d like to only have access to your home state, navigate to the bottom left hand menu and select your account name. Under your settings we list all legislatures where we currently have a presence. By checking the boxes you can adjust whichever legislatures you’d like to include. This can always be adjusted later on. Alternatively, you can email us at info@statehill.com and we will pin your account to only include your preferred area, removing the noise and adding to your focused advocacy efforts.

How do I invite new users?

To add a new user to your account, after signing in, navigate to the bottom left and click on your name. A menu will appear with a few different options including Sign Out, Introduction, Help, your individual account name, and account settings. To add a new user, select your account name. After clicking on the account name, you’ll see a few tabs across the top of the page. Including users, lists, plan and billing and export. To add a new user to your account, select users. To invite a new user to join an account simply fill in the email address, and first and last name. User access can also be configured to allow different access control for different users depending on which lists you would like them to work with. To learn more about adding users, watch our video tutorial here.

How do I adjust my individual account settings?

To access your individual account settings, after signing in, navigate to the bottom left hand corner and click on your name. A menu will appear with a few different options including Sign Out, Introduction, Help, your account name, and at the top, account settings. To adjust individual preferences, you’ll want to click account settings. After selecting account settings you can alter things directly related to your account such as updating your preferred email address, change your password, verify your phone number, add a profile photo, or change your name. After adjusting any account setting on this page, hit save, and it will be updated accordingly. Under the notifications tab you can customize your notification preferences. To learn more about adjusting individual account settings, watch our video tutorial here.

Do you offer any setup, education, or opportunities to learn more about Statehill?

Yes—to ensure users are maximizing the value of Statehill we offer comprehensive education sessions both onsite and remotely, depending upon your specific needs. To inquire about costs and availability to schedule a personalized setup and education session, please get email us at info@statehill.com.

Do you have any free educational resources to learn more about Statehill?

Yes—we have created a series of video tutorials to help users become more familiar with the functionality of Statehill. Our tutorials include a basic platform setup and overview, bill tracking, inviting new users and creating new lists, visuals overview, and creating monitoring policies. For questions regarding any features not covered directly in the tutorial videos, email us at info@statehill.com.

Is my legislature included on the Statehill platform?

Yes (and no)! At the moment we are live in all 50 states, Congress, and the European Union Parliament. We currently have several new legislatures in development to be released periodically. Don’t see a legislature of interest? Check in with us at info@statehill.com to inquire about your legislature.

Hmm, if you work with politics, you must be political?

Great question—no, we are not political and we do not have any political affiliation. Statehill firmly remains a nonpartisan organization. We believe government is best observed not from a particular side of the aisle, but from a computer screen, using data points and analysis to improve processes.

Wait, I thought Statehill is an unincorporated town in Pennsylvania?

That is in fact correct. State Hill is an unincorporated town in Berks County, Pennsylvania. As coincidental as it may be, and as much as we love State Hill, PA, the company is not named after the settlement. The company Statehill is somewhat of a play on “Capitol Hill,” a metonym referencing the US Capitol building. As our primary focus is on state politics, the name Statehill was coined.

That’s odd, I thought Statehill was a main street in the Reading, Pennsylvania area?

Indeed that is correct, once again. In addition to Statehill (the company), State Hill (the unincorporated town), you can also traverse State Hill Road, located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Who should I contact if I need….

Support - support@statehill.com
Information - info@statehill.com
Press - press@statehill.com
Sales - sales@statehill.com