Our mission since 2014

To create an easy to use, powerful, and practical platform to interact with government in a productive, relevant way.

We started Statehill because we recognized a need to organize state legislative data. Our thought—organization fosters productivity, productivity leads to awareness, awareness motivates transparency, transparency sparks action.

This is Statehill, the smart, simple platform to manage legislative affairs. We collect, organize, and analyze state legislative data to enable sound decision making and maximize productivity. Statehill helps you easily search and track bills in all 50 states, automate bill tracking, use analytics to initiate action, optimize advocacy efforts, collaborate with your team, and distribute reports.

We strive to develop a platform that is accessible, yet powerful—a borderless, seamless user experience focused on thoughtful design and comprehensive data to add the maximum value to client operations. With a commitment to creating an industry leading platform, we’re reworking the relationship between governments, influencers, and constituents, building tools to shape the future of legislative affairs.

The founders

Or more accurately, the Karls (as we share the same name). Our four years as a team have been spent building a few software services, flying around the world pitching clients and playing golf, and working our hardest to disrupt the political-tech industry.

Roos, age 24, originally from Stockholm, has been hammering the keyboard for the past 10 years writing code and building intricate online tools. Stints as CTO at an ecommerce startup, and lead developer at a big data marketing optimization company led to founding Statehill in late 2014. Roos expertly handles product development and design.

Bjelland, age 27, hailing from Conrad, Montana, grew up on a farm a long ways from the city. Intrigued by all things business, Bjelland is the driving force behind market development, sales, and communications.

The team

Karl Bjelland
Business Development
Karl Laurentius Roos
Tech & Product
Keaton Brown
US Business Development
Alexandre Gianasso
EU Business Development
Erika Jangen
Board Member & Adviser
And you?
We are always looking for dedicated and talented people to join us. career@statehill.com