Just over a year ago we launched Statehill. At the time of launch we were live in only one state and pursuing a lofty agenda with minimal resources. Over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to interact with customers throughout the United States, working in a variety of industries, using Statehill on a daily basis. The feedback and criticism has been overwhelmingly positive, enabling us to combine our product vision with customer experiences to create something we believe can help shape the future of government affairs. Today, we’re excited to share the all new Statehill platform.

The updated Statehill platform introduces an all new design to make navigating legislative information much easier. Additionally, we’re rolling out a host of new features that further enable customers to discover, plan, and take action on legislation that may potentially have an impact on their organization or business. Below, we’ve included an overview of some of our favorite upgrades.

Dashboard screenshot

All new look

We like dashboards to monitor our own internal processes and wanted to integrate the same dashboard concept upon logging into Statehill. The new dashboard presents a quick snapshot of all legislatures you’re actively following, displaying stats relevant to your operation, as well as the latest bill updates. Furthermore, the main menu has undergone a complete overhaul to allow for a simpler, faster navigation so you can access the legislative information you need, exactly when you need it.

Expanding our reach

Our geographic footprint is continuing to expand. Users now have access to 25 state legislatures, Congress, and the European Parliament (in beta). The idea of Statehill is based on borderless business and political intelligence. The ability to seamlessly search, monitor, and interact with legislative information around the world, all in the same place encourages productivity and action. Continuous development and growth of our datasets is essential, over the coming months expect to see even more state and international resources within Statehill.

Monitoring screenshotMonitoring screenshot

Search and discovery

Sifting through customer feedback, we recognized we could improve our legislative search and discovery methodology. The new Statehill search is a custom tool allowing users to search across all legislatures for topics, keywords, full bill text, bill titles, etc. On top of that we’ve built a new tool called monitoring—say you’re interested in a particular topic or set of keywords but do not want to sift through thousands of bills, or keep track daily of what has been introduced. With monitoring, you can create a topic and keyword policy to automatically filter bills of interest. When something new shows up, you’ll be alerted and prompted to take action.

Behind the scenes

We’ve made some exciting improvements all around, on the technical side of things. As we’re huge fans of Amazon Web Services we’re always attempting to leverage their offering to provide a better experience for our users. Starting today, searching for bills, legislators and committees is not only faster but also more accurate thanks to implementing AWS CloudSearch.

You’ll probably also notice that the whole app feels snappier. A lot of this has to do with that we’re internally using a GraphQL API to communicate with our backend. What this means for you when you’re using the app is that we’ll make fewer roundtrips to our backend server, returning smaller payloads and only fetching the pieces of data that you’re interested in.

With these upgrades and developments we’re excited to help policy teams of all sizes continue (or get started) forging better relationships with government through technology, data, and analysis. To take a first look at the all new Statehill platform sign up here or to learn more get in touch at kjb@statehill.com.