One of the primary goals of the Statehill platform is to help our users increase their legislative productivity. Our users have reported back to us indicating they have saved over 10 hours weekly, and hundreds of hours during the legislative session by utilizing our core feature—automated bill tracking.

The concept is simple, when you want to track, support, or oppose a given bill you can do so with a single click and it is added to your desired tracking list. Tracking lists can then be segmented by topic, client, or whatever your individual preference. In the interest of usability, we intentionally allow users to only track bills on a single list at a time. While in some use cases this works very well, it becomes inconvenient for other users tracking the same bills for a number of clients or watching the same bills across multiple lists.

In our pursuit to constantly improve and further iterate core features, we have now introduced Organize, a new way to track bills across multiple lists at the same time.

Organize is located on a separate tab within the Bills page. Upon navigation to the Organize page you will see a condensed view of all legislation, adjacent to all of your tracked lists. Within this condensed view you have access to all of the same filtering options. To track a bill, simply drag and drop items into the appropriate list or lists. Alternatively you can select a single bill, and click the tracking lists you wish to assign the bill too. Upon hover of a specific bill, any list the bill is currently a part of will be highlighted.

We hope the addition of Organize continues to add value to your legislative operation. For any questions, comments, or feedback about Organize or how the Statehill legislative affairs management platform can help you maximize your productivity and supercharge your advocacy, get in touch at