We often speak about our commitment to creating an industry leading platform and building tools to shape the future of legislative affairs—as a small team, listening to client needs and responding quickly with innovative solutions is paramount to our success.

Two issues that continually come up during meetings and have required a solution include privacy and transparency. Arguably two of the more sensitive issues anywhere, we believe privacy and transparency can exist side-by-side. We keep your data safe forever. Let me reiterate, on the Statehill platform, your data is yours and only yours. Your data is safe forever. If a client decides to pause the plan or cancel the plan, only to return at a later point in time, the data remains safe and secure.

Previously this data was contained only within Statehill, in compliment to the activity and scorecard reporting, we’ve now added bulk data export. Your data is safe within the platform, but can be extracted if you so choose. All bills across all lists (including stance) or all bill conversation history can now be exported directly to a spreadsheet with a single click. This can then be shared with the public, commissioner of political practices, or stakeholders.

Organizations, lobbyists, and businesses must adhere to strict reporting requirements when it comes to privacy, transparency, and archived data. We want to make your data always accessible and available at your convenience. For any questions or concerns about data exports or how the Statehill legislative affairs management platform can help you this session, get in touch at kjb@statehill.com.