While meeting with clients around the state of Montana we heard many times a need for account access outside the primary organization or user, as well as greater access control for users within an organization. In response, we have now enabled custom access control for account users and individual tracking lists.

Often times an organization may have external lobbyists in addition to their internal resources, who need access to some, but not all of the tracking activity. Alternatively, a lobbyist may collaborate closely with an organization they work for, but have other clients with information that cannot be shared. Custom access control allows account administrators to assign individual permissions to a specific user for a list or set of lists.

In contrast to sharing a read-only report with a client or within an organization, users with permission to view specific lists can also collaborate directly within the account, taking part in everything from tracking bills to leaving comments and notes, to creating shareable reports.

For any questions about custom access control or how the Statehill legislative affairs management platform can help you this session, get in touch at kjb@statehill.com.