A few weeks back we introduced bill conversations to all bill pages. Staying in line with our commitment to build tools that enable effective communication, we’ve now added bill notes - a free space to share general comments about legislation, specific bill information, communicate updates from the lobbying side, or any other information that is relevant to you, all within the same platform.

Notes automatically attach to activity reports, adding another layer of context around specific bills you are tracking, supporting, or opposing. After creating an activity report, any changes or additions made to bill notes will automatically update and display within the report. Click here for an example report including notes.

Notes are located directly above the bill conversation and can be accessed by any user on your team. The most recent team member activity is displayed to keep you current throughout the organization. It’s also worth mentioning that notes viewed on the activity reports are in a ready-only format, controlled internally by authorized users.

We are very happy to release another collaborative communication tool, this time focused on sharing information with clients and stakeholders. For any questions about notes or the Statehill legislative affairs management platform, get in touch at kjb@statehill.com.