Frank Underwood & Whip List

In the first season of House of Cards, in the midst of a crucial vote, Majority Whip of the House, Representative Frank Underwood, can be seen with his staff making calls, excitedly counting and rearranging names on a magnetic board to determine an accurate vote count and the percentage chance of passing or defeating a given bill.

While seldom formalized, variations of this concept can be seen throughout capitol buildings around the US—lobbyists, legislators, and staff trying to determine the safe yeas and nays (generally scribbling on a piece of paper). Early on we discussed introducing a digital version of this traditionally pen and paper concept to Statehill. Today we are excited to launch Whip Lists, the latest platform innovation to help supercharge your advocacy and maximize your productivity.

With the addition of the Whip List, prior to a vote you can quickly segment your projected yeas, leaning yea, undecided, leaning nay, and nays. This visual representation enables a more targeted, structured, and efficient approach to identifying key legislators to lobby. Whip Lists can be used to determine a count on all bills and floor votes, as well as all committee votes.

As you speak with legislators and secure their support you can adjust your Whip List, automatically updating your percentage projection of passing or defeating a bill. Immediately following a vote, your Whip List will be rearranged to reflect the actual vote, indicating your vote projection accuracy.

Whether you’re searching for a tool to more effectively coordinate and plan legislator interaction, or you’re trying to take over the world like Frank Underwood, Whip Lists are a great place to start.