Frequent engagement is one of the best ways to ensure your advocacy has an impact. Through Statehill, you can provide your clients and stakeholders a means to easily find the most current information on key issues. To improve the outreach process and save time compiling and distributing information, we’ve simplified creating and sharing legislative reports to a few clicks.

The idea is straightforward - a clear channel of communication to stakeholders enables a consistent flow of information to kickstart grassroots action, or create buzz and awareness around a particular issue. In general, the most common way this can be achieved is through tracked bill status reports and legislative scorecards to analyze voting records. Taking these two common reports to the next level, we’ve automated their formation.

Montana 64th session HB158 third reading in the house A sample score card, none of the stances represents the views of Statehill, Inc. Check it out here.

To build a tracked bill report or generate a scorecard, you must only select which legislation to include and type a report name, as legislation moves through the process the reports will update automatically. From that point you can choose to share digitally or download for distribution.

It’s worth noting scorecards are historically only distributed after a legislative session has ended. Presumably due to resources, time constraints, and seemingly incomplete datasets (voting records, etc.). We take a different approach to scoring legislator voting. Our thought - frequent scorecard distribution on key legislation results in assigning a name and a percentage value to any advocacy bottlenecks as they occur, not after it’s too late. Share reports, engage stakeholders, take action.

Removing the manual processes typically associated with report generation encourages more information sharing, and ultimately more involvement. Our goal is to develop a system where users are actively reporting and engaging with stakeholders on a daily/ weekly basis, simplified reporting and sharing is a first step.