1.) Integration of tech makes it easier to stay informed.

Technology in politics is enabling a more connected, transparent, and engaged electorate, not to mention changing the way the branches of government interact. When legislative sessions leave little time for anything but work, Statehill is the smart, simple solution for managing government affairs.

Tech in politics 

2.) Your bill tracking list could use an upgrade.

Your session bill list is the core of your legislative work, and you deserve an upgrade from an excel spreadsheet. Statehill’s one-click tracking and precise search capabilities make it easy to find what matters. Daily email summaries plus email and text notifications make sure you’re prepared each day and keep you up to date while you’re out of the office.

Your bill tracking list could use an upgrade

3.) Time is money, and your time is invaluable.

During the 2015 Montana Legislature, Statehill users reported saving up to 20 hours per week thanks to the automated bill updates. No more missed bills or amendments—with Statehill, you’ll spend far less time manually tracking bills and more time generating results. 

Time is money

4.) Data is power. 

Utilizing legislative data and running analysis as data is collected supercharges your ability to advocate. Behind the scenes, Statehill analyzes thousands of data points to present the metrics that matter most: For example, ideology graphs to analyze individual political views on major issues, or the efficiency and party loyalty of individual legislators.

Data is power

5.) Understanding information at a glance with visuals.  

When you’re on the go, visual content is important—it’s much easier to understand and more easily retained. Forget squinting at small, convoluted text; Statehill’s simple visuals are easy on the eyes. You’ll know exactly where a bill stands at a glance, and the mobile-friendly design makes for a terrific user experience from your desktop, smartphone and tablet. 

Understnading at a glance

6.) Effective advocacy in Helena, clear communication to stakeholders.

Engaging with your stakeholders as often as possible is one of the best ways to ensure your work is making an impact. Communicating essential bill updates and frequent progress with the Statehill reporting tool makes it easy for you to rally supporters and take grassroots action to impact your legislative efforts.  

Effective in Helena

7.) Get the information you need at the right place, right time.

Information changes frequently. Use Statehill to stay current on essential committee hearings, votes, and other bill activities as they happen. Your tracked bills are reviewed daily, and any upcoming committee action is automatically updated within your Statehill schedule. Sync your schedule to your smart phone and you’ll never miss a committee or bill activity again.

Right place, right time