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Our expanding geographic footprint encompasses more than 55 legislatures, spanning four continents. When combined with our suite of legislative and productivity tools, you’re able to seamlessly search, monitor, and research legislation on a much bigger scale, all within the same place, all while maintaining our commitment to high quality data and productivity.

“Statehill is not just an information aggregator, it is a great working tool for all those navigating through the waters of EU decision-making
Luis Cervilla
Luis Cervilla
Account Director, Weber Shandwick
“Statehill easily saved me 10 to 20 hours a week during the session. I never had to worry about missing a bill or not catching an amendment. It allowed me to spend far less time on tracking data and more time talking with legislators.”
Dustin Steweart
Dustin Stewart
Executive Director, MBIA
“Statehill provided us with an easy way to track bills, schedule our legislative activities, and score a legislator’s vote saving us hundreds of hours of work.”
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams
Executive Director, MPPA
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